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Use your phone directly from macOS

macOS does not offer its own telephone dialer to support PBX systems. In order to enable dialing out of an address book, we have developed direct, enhanced with some features for ease of use. direct is a CTI solution for macOS, automating telephone handling. direct uses ilink TeamCall to link Mac and telephone system.

Dialing is easier with direct: the caller’s identity is displayed on screen. The computer may react to incoming calls by executing preset activities.

Telephone numbers can be found quickly with direct. The adaptive search function recognizes the most commonly used contact data. A mouse click is sufficient for direct to set up the connection.

Within the network, direct indicates the status information of all other direct users. Whether a colleague is currently engaged or free to take a call is visible at a glance. Calls can also be taken over – even without configuration of working groups – simply using the macOS Bonjour function.

direct functions

  • Search in the macOS address book
  • Search in LDAP servers
  • Short dial list can be configured
  • Redial
  • Group functions within local network
  • Dialing of selected telephone numbers from within almost all macOS applications
  • Integration in applications through AppleScript


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