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TeamCall® Telephony Access Platform

Multitalented platform

The TeamCall Telephony Access Platform is the heart of our middleware and the crucial link between telephone and PC. The platform monitors the telephone system and forwards incoming calls to the connected client applications. It is ideally suited for heterogeneous company networks.

With the TeamCall Telephony Access Platform, phone system functions become freely available for processing in software applications. Additionally, proven modules are available for other ranges of use.

The TeamCall Telephony Access Platform supports the majority of currently commercially available integrated components, platforms and interfaces. Open Application Program Interfaces (APIs), libraries, example programs, technical documentation and our comprehensive project experience guarantee the smooth deployment and quick availability of individual computer-telephony functions.

Open standards

We use the relevant CSTA (Computer Supported Telephony Applications) standards. Therefore the TeamCall Telephony Access Platform is compatible with any type of implementation, and independent of the existing phone system.

Harmonizing of the existing infrastructure

Our middleware provides a common interface, normalizing the behavior of different telephone systems. From the evaluation of phone system information and the event sequence, to complex scenarios, we harmonize conditions for the development of software applications.

Platform independence

Our middleware runs on your preferred operating system: Linux, macOS, or Microsoft Windows.
(up to release 3.8.20 as a 32 bit application, starting with the upcoming summer 2020 release as a 64 bit application)

Secure migration

The TeamCall Telephony Access Platform also works with interfaces of older applications. We safeguard the backward compatibility to legacy phone systems.

Supported phone systems

The TeamCall® Telephony Access Platform can communicate with compatible phone systems via LAN.

Some phone systems require special settings or optional features in order to work with TeamCall, so please contact us before making a purchase.

  • Aastra 1xx, 800, 5000, Business Phone
  • Alcatel 4x00, Office E, OmniPCX Office, OmniPCX Enterprise
  • Avaya AURA Communications Manager, ACM, AES, Definity G3, CS1000, Tenovis Integral i5, i33, i55, i55LX
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager, CallManager
  • DeTeWe OpenCom 1xx, OpenCom X320, OpenCom 510
  • Deutsche Telekom T-Octopus E30, E930, Fxx (except F50) incl. F Xx, T-Octopus Open, T-Comfort Pro S
  • Ericsson MD110, MX-ONE
  • innovaphone IP302, IP305, IP800, IP810, IP0010, IP1060, IP3010, IP6010
  • Mitel 3300 ICP, MD110, MiVoice 5000, MiVoice Business, MiVoice MX-ONE, OpenCom 1xx, OpenCom X320, OpenCom 510
  • Nortel CS1000, Meridian1
  • Panasonic KX-NCP500, KX-NCP500 Express, KX-NCP1000, KX-NS300, KX-NS500, KX-NS700, KX-NS1000, KX-TDA 100, KX-TDA 200, KX-TDE 100, KX-TDE 200
  • ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform
  • Siemens Hicom 150 E OfficeCom, Hicom 150 E OfficePoint, Hicom 150 E OfficePro, HiCom 300, HiPath 5xx, HiPath 2000, Hipath 3xxx, Hipath 4000, Hipath 5000, Hipath 8000, HiPath Office ME/EE
  • Tenovis Integral i5, i33, i55, i55LX
  • Unify OpenOffice ME/EE, OpenScape Business S, Business X3 / X3R, Business X5 / X5R, Business X8, OpenScape Office MX/LX/HX, OpenScape Voice

  • Not found here? Then please ask.



    The TeamCall Telephony Access Platform offers easily usable interfaces and is therefore an ideal basis for CTI-enabled web or desktop applications.
  • CSTA (Computer Supported Telephony Applications)
    TeamCall supports the CSTA interface. CSTA has been defined as a computer-telephony standard by the organization ECMA. All leading manufacturers of phone systems are members of that body.
  • STLI (Simple Telephony Interface)
    STLI was developed to offer basic CTI functionality in an uncomplicated way. With STLI it is possible to furnish any TCP/IP compliant application with telephony functions. For this, script languages like Perl or Python can be used.
  • TAPI (Telephony Application Interface)
    TeamCall supports the standard interface of Microsoft systems and applications.
  • JTAPI (Java Telephony Application Interface)
    JTAPI is the telephony interface for all Java applications. Via TeamCall JTAPI support, developers are able to integrate professional telephony functions into their Java software.