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Professional Telephony Integration with Call Center Support

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Professional Telephony for

Get the power of 20+ years of call center experience to connect your phone system to Integrate with professional grade PBX and ACD systems to empower your sales and service teams for a fluent customer experience.

Workflow Integration

TeamCall for can be adopted to your specific workflow needs.

Call Center Integration

TeamCall for was designed from ground up to work with Call Center ACDs.

Auto-Log Call Info

360 degree customer view: All call info is logged with comments and call wrap-up info.


Our Philosophy

ilink has been offering CTI/call center adapterw for integration since 2006 and is working with and consulting partners to enable telephony workflows for our customers to increase customer satisfaction in phone conversations.

We created TeamCall for version 5 using OpenCTI to offer customers a future-proof telephony integration that works best in any telephony environment - supporting classic office PBX systems, call centers (ACDs) and cloud PBX systems.

Customers of TeamCall for can rely on the 20+ years of experience of ilink in linking software with telephone systems powering over 1 million endpoints all around the world.


Professional Telephony for

Smart telephony integration for professional PBX systems.

Click2Call & Screen Pop

Dial every telephone number in with ease and get caller insights when the phone rings.

Open for all Phone Systems

ilink has the backend technologies to connect to nearly any phone system: PBX, ACD, cloud PBX, or IP phones.

Auto-Save Call-Logs

Never miss important information in any customer contact for a 360 degree customer view.

Sales and Service Cloud

TeamCall for uses the OpenCTI API and comes with Console support.

Reporting & Dashboards

Use data-driven reporting and eye-opening dashboards to gain real-time insights of phone related activities.

Windows, Mac or Linux

The platform independent design gives users the choice of desktop: Windows, macOS, and Linux are supported.


Supported Phone Systems

TeamCall for connects to the phone system using the ilink middleware TeamCall TAP (included in the TeamCall for package). In most cases, TeamCall TAP uses CSTA to communicate with the phone system.

Supports phone systems from:

  •  Aastra
  •  Alcatel
  •  Avaya
  •  Cisco
  •  DeTeWe
  •  Deutsche Telekom
  •  Ericsson
  •  Innovaphone
  •  Mitel
  •  Nortel
  •  Panasonic
  •  ShoreTel
  •  Siemens
  •  Tenovis
  •  Unify

Your system is not listed? Get in touch!


Find the Right Plan

TeamCall for comes in three plans, taylored to your needs.

Basic Plan

Standard Plan

Advanced Plan

9.90 € User/Month*

  • Click2Call
  • Screen Pop
  • Uses Open CTI
  • Save to Task
  • Wrap-up Incomplete
  • Call Tags

14.90 € User/Month*

  • All Basic Plan Features Plus
  • Speed Dial
  • Service Cloud Console Support
  • 2-step Wrap-up codes
  • Save to Event
  • Predefined subjects
  • Action Follow up

19.90 € User/Month*

  • All Standard Plan Features Plus
  • Call Center Support
  • ACD Agent Controls
  • ACD Agent Timers
  • Save to Custom Object
  • Visual Force Support
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*) These are net prices. Value added tax will be added for customers in Germany and for non-commercial customers in the EU.


Check out these videos of TeamCall for

  • Hold/Retrieve a Call:
    Holding and retrieving a call.
  • Hang Up a Call:
    How to use the soft phone GUI to hang up a call.
  • Wrap-up Incomplete:
    The call information of calls whose wrap-up was interrupted by a new call is saved as "wrap-up incomplete". It can be reopened later in order to finish call wrap-up.
  • Hierarchical Wrap-up Codes:
    Wrap-up codes can optionally be defined as hierarchical, 2 step codes. When a 2 step code is selected, a second menu appears, allowing to select the secondary wrap-up code.
  • Predefined Subjects:
    Using and defining the optional predefined call subjects.
  • Softphone Layout:
    Configuring the softphone layout. This specifies how objects that are related to a call are being displayed.
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