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Our middleware products

Fit in every context

Over the last few years, the technical standard of both PBX systems and PCs has improved drastically. All contemporary PBX systems can be managed by a computer. However, opportunities to apply CTI-functions are seldom realized.

One reason for this is the different definition of PBX system interfaces. Despite the existence of international standards, many systems, often due to some detail, prove to be incompatible, isolated solutions.

ilink middleware offers the flexibility necessary to overcome platform limits to meet specific requirements

Today, increasing numbers of software applications offer basic computer telephony functions. However, these ready-made solutions often fail when the predefined CTI abilities must be extended or adjusted to meet special requirements.

Individual requirements and a heterogeneous technical environment are ideal scenarios for ilink middleware to demonstrate its strengths

Our middleware can be adapted to almost any need from the company switchboard to an entire call center. It can be configured for all standard PBX systems and may be installed on network servers for company-wide use. It supports interfaces utilized by most current operating systems and important applications.

Transfer of caller data to SAP

  • Type of task:
    Schering AG, Germany, wanted to optimize the order process in its sales call center. 20 members of staff were collecting and managing client data with SAP software. When clients called to place an order, the respective data entry had to be retrieved manually, and then the order would be taken. Our task was to link the call with the client data.
  • The ilink solution:
    Incoming calls are recognized and automatically transferred to SAP. Every client is clearly identified by his/her telephone number. A prepared form containing the basic client data opens immediately. Only additional or new information is relevant for the order the process has become fast and simple, and clients feel well taken care of.