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ilink Kommunikationssysteme GmbH
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Legal notice

Last changes to our privacy policy

Every change to our privacy policy will be published here on this web site and is valid starting with the date mentioned at the top of the modified privacy policy.

Should we want to use your data for additional purposes, we would ask for your permission to do so. There will be no change in use of your personal data without your consent.

Change log

The following is an overview of the highlights of the changes that have been made to our privacy policy compared to previous versions. The latest changes are on top. The numbers in parentheses reference section numbers.


  • First version that is 100% in English language.
  • Minor edits of many details with the intention to make the text easier to understand.
  • Removed the section on SSL/TLS (1).
  • Corrected the misstated storage duration of IP addresses in log files (3).
  • Added new section on cookies (4).
  • Added notice that email is typically sent unencrypted (5).
  • Added notices that we need to confirm the identity of persons who for example request that their data be deleted (5, 6).
  • Added this change log section (7).