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icpss - the ilink communication productivity services suite

A modular application level CTI middleware system

The CTI web services suite icpss provides an extensible component layer for CTI applications. The icpss components allow for quick and easy integration of CTI functions into existing IT systems.

Examples include Click & Dial from HCL Notes, web services to access call detail records from WebSphere applications, or enterprise contact center integrations.

EAI meets CTI

Whenever enterprise application integration (EAI) projects deal with computer telephony integration (CTI), the need for ready-made, yet adaptable CTI components arises. With its plethora of extensible modules, icpss bridges the gap between the customer's application logic and low level CTI connectivity frameworks.

Featured embedded application: Executive Group Forwarding

icpss Executive Group Forwarding is a system for easy management of call forwarding for complete work groups.

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Application layer component modules

The typical way to integrate CTI into existing applications is to use existing icpss modules and configure or adapt them to meet the specific requirements. The application level APIs of the various icpss modules are closer to the applications' needs than the connectivity APIs of the typical CTI server.

icpss modules are extensible and can be custom-tailored to suit every need.

Web services

Web services are a major part of icpss. Most icpss interfaces are exposed via web services, and many SOA applications use web services to integrate the icpss component modules into their existing infrastructure.

Prominent examples include web services for dialing out or for accessing call detail records (CDRs).